The Challenge Lab
Creative Direction
Creative Strategy
We set out to change how people prepare for retirement. We partnered with professors from leading universities to create The Challenge Lab, a destination where people can understand their behavioral challenges and learn how to overcome them. Through videos, experiments, expert articles and over 60 interactive pieces, the site breaks down five key challenges. It explains the science behind why we crave instant gratification. Why we put things off. Why we follow the herd. Why we misjudge risk, and what it means that we're living longer.

The Challenge Lab is a platform where people who may not know anything about finance can understand something even more important: themselves.
Year: 2012
Agency: Droga5
Creative Direction: Jerry Hoak, Ray Del Savio, Lucas Hearl
Art Direction: Karen Land
Copy: Brian Eden, Ant White, Tara Lawall
Design: Ben Downard, Ben Grube, Devin Croda
UX Design : Eileen Tang
Illustration: I Love Dust, Chris Labrooy, Serial Cut
Typography: Craig Ward
Production: Amber Wimmer, Andy Hatch
Tech Direction: David Justus
Development: Use All Five
Strategy: Ted Florea, Zach Foster, Josh Millrod
Photography: Paul McGeiver
Account Leads: Brian Yasko, Heidi Rick
ECD: Neil Heyman & Kevin Brady